designersStudio 6XI, Inc. is a full service design studio that  offers a wide spectrum of creative and sustainable services.  Our philosophy is we protect our environment while making beautiful ones.

With 15 plus years of experience in interior design and graphic arts, we promote a unique concept when it comes to design.  Our studio believes that there are no limits when it comes to incorporating design into life and business.  That it should seamlessly run together and exist in a cohesive harmony.  From your business to your personal image, we will coordinate your lifestyle to reflect who you are, without compromising the environment around us.

There are many shades of green.  Whether you want to simplify your life a little at a time or incorporate green design in every aspect of your life. Studio 6XI can illustrate an eco-friendly way of living that is stylish and easy to maintain.  We provide multiple lines of re-purposed and recyclable materials that make any home or office look eco-chic.  Our design team also takes pride in finding vendors that offer products and services that reduce waste, making your special event or lifestyle reflect what you strongly believe in.

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